Öckerö gymnasium

Swedish Fika

The day began with the classic sunday breakfast meal, “stekfrukost”. “Stekfrukost” usually consists of eggs and bacon.

But this day was not like any other day, because we got the best snacks all the day, and insteed of eggs to breakfast we got panncakes with nutella.

With a great start to the day we arrived happy to the morning line-up and we were ready to start the watch. Right now on the boat we have mission with the blocks in the rigg. They need to takes down to get som grease and then upp agian. It is a kinda difficult and hard work because you need to be a very long time upp in the rigg.

Efter two hours working it was time for todays first snackbreak. We got the leftover panncakes, nacho and guacomole leftovers from yesterdays tacos and some really enjoyful fruits.

15 minutes later it was time to enter the rigg again and continue the work. I think I spent 6 hours in the rigg that day. After that it was lunch and afterards work agian. Just like a normal day on watch in

But then, the days highlight, we got “swedish fika” for the snackbreak we have three oclock. It was “Gifflar” and some marabou chocolate. With the long time no see, it tasted even better.

The day continued as usall with some toilet cleaning and then we got some time to chill. Later on the evening our principal had a meeting with us that we walked wiser out from.

Wilma Hansson, Babordsvakt


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