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the 6th day at sea

The day started with night watch and a lot of congratulations to William because it´s his birthday. At the watch we started to fix a bit with the sails and then we looked at the sunset while our watch leader read us a book.

The book is about a girl who's grandma gets cancer and dies. The girl had a really good connection with her grandma after her parents got divorced, they even had a secret language that they spoke when they visited their secret world. Her grandma left some letters and a treasure hunt for her to deal with in the right way. After that, weird stuff started to happen such as a weird neighbor called ”the monster” knew their secret language and a man started appearing in the shadows.

When the sunset was over we started cleaning the boat on the outside. We cleaned wooden details whit fresh water, to ger rid of all the salt, and the deck with water and soap. Then we were done and ate breakfast. Most of us went to bed until lunchtime and after that we had lessons. I worked whit a description on how to close the water tight doors in order to subdivide the boat in case of a leak. When the clock turned 15.00 we had ”fika” and because it was Williams birthday we had like a brownie. Then it was time for our next watch. We started to set some sails and then we did some maintenance work.

Lina Skånberg


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