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The beginning of a new schedule

When you are a part of the 12-4 watch, the days tend to smudge together. Today, or actually yesterday, I woke up at 23:30 to get ready for watch.

The girl who woke us up told us to dress warm since it was very cold av wet outside. I didn’t feel very well and therefore I got dressed very fast and went up on deck as fast as I could. Once on deck I immediately understood why we were supposed to dress warm, it was very cold and windy. At 00:00 we took over watch and our first officer told us to get warm either by climbing up and down the rig or doing some squats. I decided to do the squats since I didn’t feel very well. After that we were ordered to set a sail. It took longer than usual because most of us felt like me: not that well and on the bridge of throwing up any second. But we did our best and we finally managed to set the sail. Although, as we hauled the halyard I dozed off from seasickness. As kind as my watch-mates are they took care of me and got me some water bread so that I wouldn’t doze off again. The rest of the watch we didn’t do much, our first officer must have noticed that none of us felt well and therefore cut us som slack. After the watch, which ended at 04:00, we all went to bed.

After a seven our long sleep we were woken up once again. When I got out of my bed and slowly got dressed I noticed that I didn’t feel as bad, I actually felt pretty good. I went upstairs to eat some lunch, since our watch wakes up at 11:00 we can decide to either eat lunch or breakfast. I ate lunch, which was chili con care, or chili sin carne if you are a vegetarian like me. After lunch I got ready for a day in the galley. At 12:00 our watch began and me and the other girl in the galley finished serving lunch to everyone. After that we cleaned up a bit and then we were allowed a break. On the break I went outside to take some photos and videos of the workforce. After the break we prepared the 15:00 o’clock fika. Today the fika was spongecake with ice-cream and strawberry jam which was highly appreciated amongst the crew. When the fika was over we cleaned up and then got off watch at 16:00.

Now I’m sitting here writing this blog and I will probably study a while and then go to bed before our next watch at 00:00.

Esmeralda Frejd 24/3-2022


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