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The Birthday #2

Today was a also a day of wonder and appreciation for one person on our fine boat.

(Note: a reading of "The Birthday #1" is advised).

Four days after Josefinas birthday, it was time for Aron to shine. We start this blog at exactly 00.00 am, 7th of december, 2020. I was sitting in Stora Mässen with a few people and as soon as the clock passed 23.59 we all started to congratulate Aron. The festivity kept on going for a few minutes, but since Aron had guard day in the morning he went to bed. I wish I could go to bed aswell, but I had to watch the boat in the nighttime from 00.30-02.30. I got up on deck and sat down in the chair infront of the gagway. These hours are rarely fun, but someone has to do it. When the clock finally hit 02.30 I rushed down to bed, eager to get my four and a half hours of sleep. We were woken up at 07.00 for breakfast. Since I was planning on sleeping after our morning gathering routine all the way to lunchtime, I fell asleep again. Unfortunately for me I overslept and was woken up by our First Mate Leo. I had to rush up to deck to be present at the gathering. In my defense all of my roommates overslept aswell, so we were all in the same boat so to speak :)

I really needed to study, so naturally I didn't. Instead I fled to the shopping mall even though I had already been there and I knew I didnt need anything from there. When we finally got home it was already time for dinner. Aron had the priviliege of wishing the food, so we ate chicken tacos. It was very tasty. After dinner we had a meeting to discuss whether we should rotate the guardscheme or not. We decided to not change it. Then it became time to say goodbye to our head chef and first mate. They were going to fly home since they had been on the ship way before us. We got to say goodbye and then we carried on with our usual business

In the late evening I realised that I couldn't escape my homework anymore, so here I am at 22.23 writing this blog, and many other assignments. Thats what you get for ignoring school for too long. Sigh.

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