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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome aboard to T/S Gunilla. My name is Simon Fredrin and I’m one of the students aboard. As you already know, we are moored in the harbour of Barcelona, Spain. And we will be here a couple of days more. This is our twenty-fifth day aboard and on Monday we will be at the middle of our trip.

The air temperature has decreased a bit these days. We have at the moment just 21 degrees. The water temperature is around 18 degrees. About 3m/s wind power and a little bit cloudy sky. We have approximately 10 cm water waves in the harbour so it’s unable to feel to boat moving.

Today the team “Midships” needed to stay aboard to do some craft work. For example, we worked with painting. We painted the handrail around the stern. 2 TV-reporters came aboard today also, so Jerry and I guided them around the vessel and downstairs to our cabins. They continued with a short interview with us. And this will release tomorrow or on Sunday over the whole country. So over 2 million persons will watch us standing there. And yes – it was nervously.

Tonight, same team will continue with watch keeping and make sure no one is boarding. And of course do the hourly round that we do every hour twenty-four-seven. We do the round just to detect fires, find leaks etc. earlier and to replace new towels.

Unfortunately, 2 students are flying home to Sweden because of sickness. We wish them all well!

Hope you have appreciated the trip as much as I have done so far. So far so good

Best regards

Simon Fredrin SJD1619


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