Öckerö gymnasium

The dangerous lejdare

The day started early with guard from 00.00 to 04.00, it started with Tage talking instead of the captain at the watch exchange. He started with telling us about their watch and what they did. And at the end of the speech he told us he was singing a song; the song was about how you should walk backwards in the lejdare (stairs). The watch went really well and soon it was time to go to bed again.

When we woke up the sun was out and it was a really hot day, we ate our
lunch and had our watch then it was time for lessons. When we had our
lesson we sat outside on backen, after a while it started pouring down
rain and we were hurrying inside. When Hannah was walking on the
lejdare she slipped and fell down, we heard a big bang and then the
blood started pouring from her arm. She had to keep a big pressure on the
arm as we ran to medical. Hannah where cool like a breast but when we
got the word that she needed stitches it got kind of scary. She laid
sprawled out in the medic cabin as I held her bloody hand in mine, the
stiches where sewn and soon it was time to leave the medic cabin.
What we have learned from this is to walk backwards in the lejdare and
always hold on to the banister.



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