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The day has come

The third day of familiarization involved climbing & rigging sails for our watchgroup.

For those of you who are not yet "experienced" sailors like us, that means taking up & collecting the sail. To cope with this, a training in knots was required by our dearest watch leader. So the day had come, when we would take our first steps up into the rig. Something that for many was a mixture of excitement and horror. It was a sunny day in good, happy Las Palmas. The wind breeze caught your hair when you stood there at the top of the t, or rather the first steps. The pep from students & supervisors was like a cheerleader heel. The fear of climbing was in all of us, but the excitement picked us all up. Another day has whizzed by, and we are all equally excited for upcoming adventures. After hard work in the rig we got off duty and headed out for an adventurous round in the city of Las Palmas. That involved shopping for many of us, everything from snacks and fresh fruit to souvenirs. We walked to the beach and swam in the high waves and sun bathed. Just relaxing, and bringing in the feeling of being warm in the middle of December.

/Lisa (Captain's Favorite)


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