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The day of depature

The day started with me being woken up at 6 o'clock. I was awakened by the ship's guard because it was time to set up breakfast. After an intense setting up and an efficient cleaning, we were finally done with our backis duty. We finished just in time for the morning meeting. After the morning meeting, it was time to cast off and start heading towards the next port.

It feels quite nice to leave Iceland. It's been very enjoyable being in Iceland, but after spending a week in Reykjavik, it's nice to be back out on the sea. Iceland has been a really cool stop. The nature is absolutely wonderful, and Reykjavik is a very cozy city. The entire crew and I are very pleased with our stop.

After lunch, there was a fire drill. Everyone mustered on deck and the theoretical fire was extinguished. Shortly thereafter, we had an exercise where the scenario was that we had a stowaway on board. Our crew member played the stowaway and played hide-and-seek with the entire boat. We searched all areas until we found him. He had really gone all out to hide, and we found him under the floorboards in a cabin.

The day continued with a general meeting and a review of the box of found clothes. After dinner, I lay down for a short while to gather energy for the watch at 8 o'clock. It's been a good first day at sea, and everything is proceeding as usual.



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