Öckerö gymnasium

The day started as usual.

We were up at 7 and we all gathered for breakfast. It’s Sunday meaning egg and bacon was prepared. We were kind of tired today and decided to take it chill until after lunch when we finally went out.

It was warm and sunny outside so sunscreen was necessary. We started walking towards the inner city and took a stop by target where we bought some refreshments and snacks. We settled down at an outside park with benches and enjoyed ourselves in the shining sun.

We soon got tired of just sitting and started walking down the street next to all the stores. The hunger had got to us and we stopped at a fast food restaurant called Five Guys which almost none of us had tried before. The food was good and there was also free peanuts which was interesting. We took some peanuts with us and went to a gigantic park where we had seen squirrels before. We found a bunch of squirrels under some trees in the shadows and we threw peanuts to them. It started to come more squirrels and we fed them all with the peanuts we had left. They stood up straight on the ground or in the trees nibbling on the peanuts which looked very funny from our perspective. We happily left when all the peanuts was gone and the squirrels were full. We headed back to Gunilla and rested a bit until the sun was down before we all walked to the football field with the football we bought some days earlier. We split up into two teams and played a match against each other until it was time to head back to Gunilla.

WilhelmRådvik Sanner,


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