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The day with all the sand

Today was a day with a lot of sun laughter and sand here in Lisbon.

Today was a chill day. It started when I got woken up at seven a clock and went to have some breakfast. You see that people is getting more and more tired for every day and the people around the breakfast table gets fewer and fewer every morning.

At five minutes to eight we had the regular line-up where we hoist the flags. Both the Swedish and the Portuguese ones. At the line-up we also got the news that it was something wrong with the engine and that the spere parts have not arrived yet so we will not be able to sail towards the Azores tomorrow as planned. Instead, we get to stay in Lisbon for a few more days. It feels a bit sad, but Lisbon is a nice city, so it is not that bad.

Some of us decided to eat lunch at the boat and then leave for the beach so we had time for a powernap. While at the beach we sunbathed and went for a swim. The water was pretty could, but it was refreshing. The Portuguese thinks we are crazy walking around in shorts and t-shirts when it is “only” 20 degrees. For them it is winter, so they walk around in winter jackets. You can not even buy slippers in the shops because they only have their winter collection. We also played some beach volleyball, and it was really fun.

For dinner I had some leftovers from the boat with me and we sat and ate while looking at the sunset. After that we tried to get as much sand away from our stuff and off us as possible and then we took a Bolt back home to the ship. We were all verry cold since the sun had gone down so we all longed for a hot shower. Now we are eating strawberries and is going to watch the latest episode of Euphoria and then I am going to sleep.

Annie, port watch


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