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The end of an adventure

The adventure onboard Gunilla is coming to an end and you can definitely sense that in the air. Everybody’s either laying in their bed and sleeping or watching a movie in the big mess. Everybody except me. I would call myself a professional in procrastinating and waiting to do my schoolwork until the last minute, and that is starting to punish me now.

So after the first watch in the morning which I spent as a lookout I had to hurry inside and take a fast shower, eat my lunch and then immediately start with my assignments even if Sundays usually are free from that kind of stuff.

After a few hours of writing a biology text I got some rest when it was time for some mud cake. Usually we get served bread and fruit between the big meals but since it was Tim's birthday and he wished for a mud cake, that was what we got.  After eating the sweet chocolate cake and gaining back some energy we had the shortest Sunday meeting of the trip. You can tell that the crew also just want to get home since they for the first time didn’t complain about anything we trainees had done and the only thing they told us was the plans for the next few days.

When the meeting was done I could get back to writing on the biology assignment. I was just finished with the text when it once again was time to eat, this time dinner. We got served some good old fish and potatoes and with my stomach filled with food I could actually get some rest before the second watch of the day and another four hours spent by just looking out over the big blue ocean.   

Pål H 


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