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The final rush

Finally, or maybe regretfully, we have left the last harbour of this adventure. It’s a bittersweet feeling, as much as I have loved these six weeks I also can’t wait to get home. As much as I look forward to this last sailing leg home I also know how much I will miss this old ship.

An interesting part of setting off on a new route is getting to
experience a new watch time, this last trip has me on the 8-12 watch.
While this watch has the best, or at least the most normal sleeping
schedule going for it, it also includes a lot more cleaning than the
other watches. We have to clean all of the interior living spaces, even
the Captain´s quarters, but at least we have something to do. Cleaning
was almost the first thing we did after our departure from Bremenhaven.

Today I did wake up rather normally at 7 O´clock, but not so normal if
you count the ones who did the waking, which was far from average. The
four of us in my cabin made our way to breakfast tired and annoyed, and
then quickly hopped into our working clothes after eating so as not to
be late. As I am standing on the quarterdeck I realize a mistake had
been made, I am way too lightly clothed. It was first then I remembered
my duty that evening, lookout, and lookout is the last thing you want to
be on a cold evening. But I make my way through the watch, with the
“fika” break as my sole motivation. Thankfully our beloved first-cook
warmed us with amazing, freshly baked bread before we went back to
freezing again.

Finally after a long awaited lunch I returned to my room, and as I had
never really woken up the bed looked oh so good. After a few seconds I
was back asleep again, only to be woken up again for the next “fika” by
the birthday boy himself. In between each port we have to have one big
meeting with everyone, and that meeting happened to be today. The
weather did not fail us this time, with the sun shining above we could
start talking about the arrival at Öckerö and what is planned before.
Finally, or maybe regretfully, home feels closer than ever and summer is
just round the corner.

David Karlsson SjD2124


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