Öckerö gymnasium

The first day

The first night on board Gunilla is done and the day offered beautiful weather, sunburns and a lot of flies.

When the ship’s guard knocked on our cabin-door this morning and roused us I really felt that I were back to the strict routines. Speaking of routines, today was also time for one of the most sacred routine on board, Sunday-breakfast! In additions to the bread and porridge we have everyday we get bacon and fried eggs (and sometimes, if we’re lucky, pancakes). Unfortunately I accidentally took salt instead of sugar on my porridge but at least I had my bacon and egg.

On the schedule for the day was familiarizing, which for example includes going-over of the safety routines, the galley and some climbing. Nothing was really new for us, but it’s always good to get some repetion! The time in between the different stations most of us students relaxed on the forecastle and enjoyed the sun. Due to our fragile winter-skin most of us also got a little sunburn even though we took plenty of suncream.

When the familiarizing was done for the day some of us went to the beach. The only thing was that we were surrounded by tiny flies and they were really annoying, but otherwise it was quite wonderful.

We went back to the boat a few hours earlier than curfew. Me and some others played some games. I didn’t really understand the rules, I actually think some of them were made up during the time. As competitive as I am, losing most of time wasn’t so nice, but it was still a fun ending of the day.

Wilma, midships


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