Öckerö gymnasium

The first day in Malaga

We all were gathered in the big dining area and waited for friday to turn into saturday. As soon as the clock turned 00.00 everyone in the big mäss started to sing because today is Amandas birthday. We all sang and congratulated her. I asked her what it was like to have her birhday on the boat. “It feels different ´, but still great. To be in Spain on your birtday with all these amazing people you know”. I understood what she meant even though it isn't my birthday.

 Today was the first day in Malaga, we in starboard didn't had watch so we were free to do whatever we wanted. Luckily it was a hot and sunny day so me and some friends took a walk to a beach only 10 minuits away. The beach was really long but not very sandy. We laid down on our towels for a while and soaked up the sun light. We had a very good time, I even went for a swim in the cold water.

After the stop at the beach I went back with the others to the boat to get ready to go out and eat. We talked for a long time about where to go and ended up spliting the group. My half went to a rastaurant with pizza and pasta. After the dinner we went shopping at a big mall. We didn't find much so we went back to the boat again. Now everyone is sitting in the dining area playing cards 

Erik W Styrbord


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