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The first rain

Today we’ve been sailing for almost fifteen days and we’re getting closer to Grenada. It has gone by so much faster than I had expected but it is going to be really nice to see land again.

The weather changes, the closer we get to the Caribbean, it’s getting so much hotter and more humid, and the risk of storms are getting higher. Today we experienced rain for the first time in one and a half months, it was actually kind of nice to feel the rain. The watch before mine actually prepared for a storm because they saw one on the radar, turns out that storm was just a small fishing boat all the way from Barbados.

I’m in the 8-12 watch, and on the night-watch we always clean. When we’re done with that we usually sit down on deck and have “Atlantic talk”, that means that one person each day tell us more about them selves and we get to ask them questions, that’s one of my favorite things to do on our watch, it’s really cozy to just sit and talk and learn more about each other.

Tilda Ågren, port watch


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