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The first week at sea

I woke up today and just wanted to go back to sleep. Today wasen´t a good day and I didn´t feel like doing anything. Until. The funniest thing happend…

… I went into my friends cabin, she was laying on the floor and I ask her what on earth she was doing. She replied: I am sliding on the floor. A light above my head started shining and I realised that I really wanted to try it out. So I went into my room. I layed down on my floor and the ship tilted to the side, I slided in a copule of seconds to one side and another in my cabin. That this incident was the most exiting thing that happed that day says alot about these twenty four hours.

The two first days was seasickness the reason I wanted to go under ground and never come back. When I was completely out exsitence I promised myself to never take mainland for granted. But as the days went by I got better and started to challenge myself.

In the evening watch I did just that, I challenged myself to climb the mast, thirty seven meters above the sea. To add, it was jet black and the weather was stormy, the whole boat swung heavy side to side. A feeling inside me told that this was going to end bad and I was shaking the whole way up. Me and my friend sang joyful songs inbetween our hysterical screems to calm ourselfs down. It didn´t work. But we atleast manage to do our jobs. As I went down I felt proud of myself beacause what I did was many steps out of my comfort zone.

Lisa Elm Bengtsson


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