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The flying fish and the ghosts

A night watch can be very calm but also very eventfull. This night I stood look out, it is usually quit boring but not tonight….

I am very scared of the dark, and when I say very, I mean VERY. Beacause of my fear I am always very tense when i stand look out in the dark. I check behind me every minute. Usually nothing is behind me but this night I saw someone walking towards me. I blinked and then the creature dissapered.

Some minutes later when I looked behind me I saw another creature walking towards me, but as soon as I blinked the creature dissapered. If that was not enough I heard wierd noises and it felt like somebody pulled my hair.

Now if you wonder, I did survive the night. Slowly the sun started to set and flying fishes started to jump around the boat. They looked very cute and were fun to look at. The spooky feeling I hade felt started to left my body. I could finally relax and enjoy today´s beautiful sunrise.

This night maybe did not cure my fear of the dark, but i got to see cute fishes. I will come back to you if I encounter the ghosts here again, but for now I will be on my best watch.

Hannah Ö, Midskepps


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