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The immortal fish

It is very common for flying fish to jump onboard on Gunilla and think that they can travel with us for free. On the nightly watches, you can hear smacking sounds on deck and when you hear that sound, the search for the flying fish begins.

Running around deck in the dark searching for a little fish crying for help, little do they know that they will turn out as food for the staff on Gunilla.

Today it happened like any other day, but there was something special. When Port had their 4-8 watch in the morning, they heard this big smacking sound. The big search began, the working team spread out and everyone wanted to find the big fish. After minutes of searching in the dark, they found the big fish, but it was not like the others. This one was still alive, and it was for quite a bit.

Port´s watch leader took a nail from the nailbench and smacked it on the head. It must be dead now, the working team thought. But when the working team found another fish and placed it beside the other fishes, the big fish started to jump. The watch leader took the nail once again and smacked the head of the fish. Now it must be dead!

After an hour, when it was time to clean the fishes and cut them up. We started to clean the little fishes and waited with the big one for last. They cut the stomach open, and it started to twirl again. How is it possible that it is still alive after this traumatic morning?

When Port finally was done with the cleaning, the fish hade calmed down and did not move anymore. I think this fish scared us all in Port this morning…




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