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The last day on Tobacco caye

The barrier between two worlds had never been so clear to the eye. Creatures had never been so near and real and the water so wavy but at the same time so calm. Belize’s reeves thank you!

The day started with clouds on the sky and a long morning. At 10 am the first boat to the island went of with the starboard watch on it. The paradise island tobacco caye was just as beautiful with its perfect sand, clear water and bright colors as the previous days. The first hours were devoted to sunbathing and swimming at the beach. A sudden raincloud went over the island but just for a few minutes then it was back to bright sunshine again. It seemed like nothing could bring down this island’s paradise mood.

The third day and the last day and it was finally starboards turn to go snorkeling in Belize’s reeves. The watch walked to a yellow house where a nice lady helped us find the right fit for googles and swimming fins. Some of the students had a little more trouble finding a good size and the lady referred to them as cinderella’s.

With our swimming kit ready to go the boat picked us up and went out to the horizon. The boat stopped suddenly, and the guide invited us to jump in the water. The students looked at each other confused, are we supposed to jump in the waters here? There was no sign of a reef? We all thought. The place looked like the rest of the ocean with bleu waves, but we did as the guides said and one after one, we all jumped in. As soon as you got under the water a new world opened up, it was so still compared to the world above. We swam after the guides who showed us the way. We saw a string ray, a lobster and corals under the water. After an hour of snorkeling the boat went back with us to the island. We spent the last time in paradise enjoying the sun and its beautiful environment before we sat sails of to Mexico.

Paradise paradise paradise… We will miss you.


Elsa Berglund


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