Öckerö gymnasium

The last leg

It feels very weird that our second trip is soon over. This sailing went by so much faster than the last one.

Probably because the last one was a whole month longer but still. Today is the third day of the last leg and the seasickness is decreasing after the first few days at sea. Now we just have to finish all our assignments before we arrive in Las Palmas which is not going to be too easy. One of the hard parts with this trip is that we don’t have many days at sea which also means not many lesson days. Worst case we have to finish up the last assignment during our week at home before we go back to school which isn’t too bad either.

Except lessons and watches much else is also happening. We have the killing game, the “guess the crewmember” game and today is the birthday of a student which means that she gets to wish the dinner and the fika. So and tonight Asian fusion is on the menu. All these little things are what makes it so fun to be onboard Gunilla. One of my favorite activities is watching a film projected on the sail out on deck. If your lucky it might happen during your watch which means instead of working, you can lay on deck and watch a movie for two hours.

Ingrid, Portside


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