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The second day in Belize

Portside got ready for their second day off the boat and Starboard got ready for their first watch while us in Midship got ready for our first day off the boat. What did Belize City have to offer us?

28 excited kids took the water taxi from our anchorage to Belize city. When we got there, we found a very closed city since it was Sunday today. Belize City had therefor not so much to offer, but the beautiful island Caye Caulker sounded like a better idea. 28 excited kids jumped on the next boat and about an hour later we arrived to Caye caulker. The paradise island we then found ourselves on didn’t leave us disappointed. Fresh fruit, Ice Cream, restaurants and of course beaches. Although the beaches were not beaches but rather concrete piers with sand on. After a bumpy ride from Cuba we weren’t too picky though so at the end of the day on the ferry back we compared different shades that had appeared on our skin. Belize city, or maybe rather Caye Caulker had a lot to offer and it was 28 tired but happy kids that arrived on Gunilla for a late dinner.

Right now I’m sitting in the big mess almost asleep after a very tired game of Catan. Midship and Portside have reunited with Starboard and the vibe onboard is very exhausted but at the same time very good.



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