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The shooking first storm

On the morning watch today, our captain announced that we might sail straight trough a storm. Everybody got really excited, which is understandable because of the fact that we haven´t seen rain since we left Sweden in November last year. We´re absolutely not ungrateful for our fantastic weather that we´re blessed with but it can get quite boring after a while. I don´t think that a little bit of rain and some wind would be something negative, it would rather bring in some action and challenges.

The whole watch sat on quarterdeck and waited for the first storm ever to visit us. We had just finished taking down the top sails and the outer jib and our raincoats were prepared inside. Everything was done and we felt pretty ready.

Fifteen minutes past without anything happening. No wind, no rain, nothing. When our captain came out from the navigation cabin again, my first thought was that he was going to tell us that the storm is close now but no, my thought was very wrong. He came out with a smile on his face. “The storm is over!” he said happily and I doubt that I was the only one thinking “what storm?”. You could really see everybody´s faces go from joyful to disappointed in just a few seconds. Apparently, the storm had already been passing us by and no one noticed. The only thing we could do was to hope for another storm in the future.

Tilda Prgomet, Babord


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