Öckerö gymnasium

The sleeping day

The day started with a normal wakeup at 7:00am, followed by a fast breakfast. That’s because our watch, starboard still is on our watch day and it was my turn to be gangway watch the last 30 minuets of the morning.

After the usually line up at 8:00am whole of our watch get down to get som more sleep. After that our cabin woke up to lunch again. After a lunch, we were still hungry so we went to Peter´s and ordered pancakes, french fries and ice cream. We stayed at Peter´s for a couple of hours before we got back to Gunilla at around 3:00pm. Back at the ship I finished my laboration repport in chemistry and handed it it to my teacher.

I spent the rest of the evening just chilling and watching movies, until Jonathan moved our barbecue evening inside because of the heavy rain and make it to a summery of the trip so far, watch movies and pictures and our greeting to the graduates.



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