Öckerö gymnasium

The sunset

A spectacle of nature worthy a reflection

The sunset is indeed indescribable in its beauty. The truly majestic sight bring your mind to a unique state of being where you realise that your existence pales in comparison to this amazing spectacle of nature.

When the blood coloured sun slowly vanish behind the horizon a calm but also a dizzy feeling fills your body – it’s like a happy ending to an intangible and epic story. To be recognised is also that the sunset points out the end of one unique day, which thus means that the day never will return. Which questions this existential fact poses is completely in the eyes of the observer but personally the spectacle reminds me of the motto behind the Latin quote Carpe diem.

Despite the quote's cliché I think it is important to remind oneself about the significance of living in the moment – after all, this is our last voyage on T/S Gunilla and we have reached the halfway mark.

Simon Borg


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