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The turtle

Hello, the fifth of nine days to sea started by being woken up at midnight.

Starboard started this wonderful day with watch from 00:00 to 04:00. This night we had different exercises, the watch started with ”riggwalk”, this is a good way to challenge yourself and strive to go higher in the rigg. We did even practise to tow sails and change the direction of the sails and other stuff to prepare us if it blows up to storm. We also had a very cozy time on the navigation cabin roof, Olle our watch leader read ”Loranga and Mazarin” while we laid there looking at the stars in the sky.

This night was different, we all knew that we in Starboard would get one hour extra sleep tonight. This is because we need to reset the clock to Cape Verdes time. Cape Verde is in another timezone that we need to adjust to. But poor Portside got one hour longer watch, they were not so happy. So this was a good day to be a part of Starboard.

We went to bed and woke up well rested to nice weather and a shiny sun. Time for next watch, we all have different roles and today I was watch post. When you are watch post you are steering the boat, looking for ships and secures that nobody falls into the sea, like a lifeguard. It was nice weather and it is clear that we are going towards hotter areas. Today we met a little friend, it was a turtle that swam around in the ocean. The turtle had another little friend, it was a fish that followed him on the back. Suddenly they both dived back into the ocean.

Directly after the watch we took a fast shower, to 15 minutes later begin the lessons. Today we worked with different assignments that are supposed to be done when we are arriving to Cape Verde. It really feels like we are getting to know the new routines and all that comes with that, like watches and lessons. It feels really good. Even the seasickness has gone by, and everyone starts to feel better and get used to the waves.

To dinner we ate pasta and meatballs and now is it almost time to sleep, and be ready for the next watch tonight again.

Sleep well, bye!

/Anni Khattab


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