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The two wonders of the world

After we have sailed across the big Atlantic Ocean five days to Santo Domingo feels like nothing.

But the atmosphere in the watch are a bit unhappy since we now have three persons from the watch who are sick and we are conspicuous by their absence. But, it is important to be happy for the little things in life so when we experienced not only on but two really cool and special things today we still considered the day to be an amazing day.

“Oh my god look at that!” somebody screamed and everyone turned around and saw nothing less then about ten jumping dolphins swimming around the ship. It was only one hour left to lunch when we were allowed to pause what we were doing to go to the front of the boat to watch the dolphins. Since we were only doing one knot the dolphins could easily swim side by side with us. And of course, our Director of Studies ran to the front so she could take pictures of the dolphins and us to the school Instagram.

“Oh my god look at that”, we heard somebody screamed once again, but this time it was not dolphins. It was just a half an hour left of our night watch and we just sat down and talked. When suddenly, a big green flash came down from the starry night sky not very far from us. It was a meteor and just the sight of it had us shocked. It was a sensational end of the watch just as it was a sensational end of the day.

Tyra Sjöstrand, Starboard


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