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 The volcano Teide and a trip around Tenerife

We stroke eight bells after breakfast in the big messroom, and it was time for our first line up with our brand new dutch captain Hans. We set both the host countrys flag and the Swedish flagg in the Spanish morning sun, and after packing our bags we got on the bus on our way to Teide, the highest peak in Spain.

We had a extremely sweet Swedish guide who’s biggest interest here in the world must be talking. Because that is what she did, and I can´t be anything but impressed by how much she knows about the canary islands.

We visited the third highest volcano in the world, and we were both blown away by the strong winds and the extremely outstanding views. It was quite cold up there, and it somehow felt like home because of the chilly breeze.

On the way down from Teide we took a couple of stops to look at the view, and we stopped to take a walk in the beautiful village Garachico. We also had a lunch break in the national park in the sun shine, but those twenty minutes must have been the coldest ones in these past two weeks.

The things we have seen today have been absolutely unbeatable, and I have never in my life seen as many cactuses, crucifixes and beautiful houses at the same time as I’ve done today. I also have realized that its days like these you live for as you tiredly stand in your hundred layers of clothes while you’re on your night watch. But the fact that half the class fell asleep in the bus on our way down due to the high and oxygen differences is pretty hilarious.

After saying goodbye to the guide, midship had vessel watch while our captain Hans played music with some crew members from the ship next to us. We danced on the deck as the light from the city shined in the background and it was one of those moments you wished would last forever.

So to sum it all up, you get extremely tired after sitting in a bus a whole day, our new captain can apparently play the violin and there lives a bird in Tenerife who nobody really knows how it got there.

Felicia, port watch.


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