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Time flies by

We’ve now completed half of our 1400 NM from the Azores towards England. Thinking back at the trip so far, It’s ridiculous how fast the time has gone. It feels like yesterday we laid on Miami beach, thinking about the adventure ahead of us. Now with less than three weeks left, it’s hard not to wonder where all that time went. Even though the time has passed really fast, we’ve experienced a lot. Because today has been like most other days at sea, I thought I could write a little something about some of my favorite things so far on this trip.


The Azores. Absolutely a place I’d love to come back to. Not only because of the astonishing volcano-landscape with peaks rising above the clouds. But also because of the people. In the small town where we stayed, the harbor was completely filled with sailors crossing the atlantic. Just like us. Walking around the harbor, looking at all the boats and talking to people was really incredible. Many of the sailors we met had been gone for several years. Some of them shared crazy stories and memories from their adventures. By accident we met a Swedish man and woman who had been sailing for seven years straight. Along with many other things they told us about a storm they had ended up in on their way there. Apparently the wind had reached speeds of 56 m/s, which for those who do not know is absolutely insane. Even though we got to experience most of Faial (our island) when there, I really think there’s a lot to experience, see and do on the other islands as well. I would for example love to climb Pico, Portugal’s highest mountain, as some of my fellow classmates did.


Probably my favorite destination so far. If I was asked to describe Bermuda with one word, it would be ”paradise”. Bermuda really is a paradise island. Covered by beautiful houses, all colored in different colors and surrounded by miles and miles of deep-blue water, Bermuda was hard not to fall in love with. What made Bermuda even better was all the cliffs and caves covering the entire coast. Not only were the cliffs really cool, they were also perfect to jump into the water from. The only backside with Bermuda were the prices. Apparently Bermuda is one of the most expensive ”countries” on earth. Why that is, I don’t know.


Even though this one may seem obvious since we’re on a sailboat for two months, I just couldn’t write a list like this without including it. There is nothing in the world that can compare to the feeling of sitting at the top of the mast surrounded by blue ocean as far as the eyes can see. Even though the mast is only 35m high it really feels like you’re on top of the world.

With that said I just want to wish everyone reading this a good day and a wonderful, hopefully sunny summer.

Best regards Jacob Segerdahl


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