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Today I woke up in a lot of pain

Yesterday was the day that we hiked in Santo Anto. Me and my group hiked 3 miles!

First, we walked up a mountain and then we of course went down the mountain. After that we hiked along the coastline and that road went up and down and up and down. Anyways the day after I had four big blisters on my feet. My feet hurt a lot and I had to walk very weird to avoid the blisters. I also had some pain in my hips and legs, I'm not built for physical activity heheh… When I woke up, I went downstairs to find Marcus in the kitchen using the wi-fi and just chilling. We were very lucky and got to rent an apartment for our stay in Ponto do sol. After a little while me and Marcus woke the rest of our group up and then we ate breakfast. After breakfast we started to pack our stuff and clean the apartment, and then we headed to the church to meet Ture and Olle. When we were on our way to meet them, we met another group that were heading to Porto Novo so we decided to go with them. After a long taxi ride with a lot of singing we were in Porto Novo. Then we ate lunch and waited for the ferry to arrive. At 5pm we boarded the ferry and left Porto Novo to go back to Mindelo and Gunilla!


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