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Today was an eventful day

I have for the first time experienced the Uber system. You can say that it is a interesting system. It can be compared to a lucky wheel.

There is about a 75% chance for a win. Some may say those odds are good, but if you decide to go for more than one ride, the odds may not be in your favor anymore. A friend and I was unlucky today and we weren’t the first ones, but hopefully the last on this ship. We had called for a Uber to get a
ride to a beach a few kilometers away. It weren’t that far away but it ended up being a long, long ride. At first everything seemed normal. It was a lot of traffic but as time went on we did start to get worried. Where were we? In what direction were we heading? For how long had we been driving? The driver saw us checking the map and explained that there had been an accident and we were taking another route. The “quick trip” ended up taking an hour and ten
minutes. But we finally got to the beach and was happy for that. My friend, who booked the trip, checked later how much had been taken from her bank account and got an unpleasant surprise. The cost was more than tripled from the original price. All because the driver drove a detour and didn’t care about even informing us about the price change. So what have we learnt today? That you can’t trust Uber drivers. That there are like fifty lines on American roads. And that an uber driver can take about 200 phonecalls during a single ride (kind of iimpressing if you ask me).

// Lovis Hammarberg, midship 29/3-23


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