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To dock in Saint Malo

It’s 3:30 in the morning I hear the knock on the door. “Get up you have watch in half an hour.

. I get up, make sure that the rest of my cabin wakes up and since that can be a pain in the A** to do I have to persistent and sometimes annoying towards them just to get them out of bed. After trying to wake them I go up to breakfast and eat my regular egg sandwich with the half disgusting water. Post breakfast it’s always a little bit of stress in the cabin prior to watch. No one except me has gotten up then they all get up in the last minute to get changed. This night watch was a very chill one.

After learning about our captain’s and our watch leader’s life stories we were a bit cold so Bea our watch leader came up with the idea to do her regular fore topmast s.s completion were one person is at the hyalines and try to set the sail by themselves, funny enough somehow the captains are always the fastest with both Gunillas captains did it in 21 seconds, I didn’t do too bad myself with 24 seconds. After doing this we had yoga on the quarter deck.

The watch went along and suddenly it was eight in the morning, and we went down below to eat some breakfast. Post breakfast we went down to sleep. After sleeping through lunch and not going up until the 3 “fika” it was time to go on watch again and prepare to dock in Saint Malo. It was an exciting docking with a lot of people standing at the harbor to se us dock. After docking we got to eat dinner and clean as usual. To finish of this nice day, we set the mizzen topmast sail and watched around cape horn on it, which is a movie about one of the gigantic 4 masted barks who used to sail to Australia and get barley. After the movie it was time to go to bed

Rasmus, Sa 2023


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