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Tracking in Punta Gigilo

It was a sunny day at Punta Gigilo, and we were on a trekking trip, and after a long time of trekking we had some time to jump into the sea, for a bath

We were tracking for about 3 hours, nature was quite calm and beautiful but still, it was not easy to hike. During the hiking we all were talking about how we wanted to go swimming here at Punta Giglio, maybe if we were lucky we would find a little beach somewhere nearby.

We have been tracking now for a long time and people started to complain about how boring and difficult it was to walk for not such a long time, in my opinion. Suddenly some people who were at the front of the line spotted a beach, and everybody was just running to the beach. Everybody were happy now and we just jump into the water as fast as possible. The water was cold, but the beach and the view were so nice so nobody was not complaining about the temperature of water, And there we were, swimming around during the sunset, and we just had a great time.

We are now looking forward to the longest and most demanding sailing for this sailing trip, we are heading our course to Malaga, and we hope that we have a nice sailing in front of us.

Radomir Midskepps


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