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Trip to Mont Saint Michel 26 May

I was awakened at seven o'clock. I'm always very tired in the morning onboard but this morning I got up pretty quick. Quarter past seven the breakfast was served and I ate a sandwich with cheese. At eight o’clock the line-up was as usual. After the line-up we went on a bus to visit Mont-Saint-Michel.

Mont-Saint-Michel is an island and a municipality which you can not reach when the tidewater rises. The island has a large monastery with nuns living in it. The population of the island is 33 people but the measurement is from 2015 so the population could be more or less.

When we arrived at the parking lot we had a 45 minute walk infront of us, when we first heard that it would take 45 minutes to walk I tought everyone got a little frustrated but when we started to walk it actually didn't feel that long. Well there we struggled a little because we couldn’t find the entrance to the monastery, after some angry guards yelled at us we found the entrance and could start our guided tour. It was not a guided tour with a guide but Instead we got a type of speaker that told stories when you selected different numbers depending on which part you were in the monastery.

We kinda rushed through the monastery which I afterwards was a little disappointed about because it actually was a cool place but the only reason why we went through so fast was because we were hungry. We found a place that served crepes and panini, I ordered a Turkey panini that didn’t taste so good and the service was not good at all.

After some hours walking around on the island we started to head back to the bus that would take us to Cancale. The main reason why we visited Cancale was because they sold oysters for a really good price, I didn’t try oysters because everyone said it was disgusting and i'm very picky when it comes to food.

The clock was around six when we came back to Gunilla and today we in Babord had guard, after the dinner we cleaned the ship for about half an hour then we turned in to night ship guard. It means that two people sit next to the entrance of the boat for two hours each then we switch. After the shift I went to sleep.



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