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Trip to the Eden Project

Today we went to a place called the Eden Project. It´s a collection of gardens with plants and climate from around the world. It´s a charity project that wants to raise awareness for climate change and loss of biodiversity. The main attractions are two large domes containing tropical- and subtropical climate.

Luckily for portsides watch the trip was on our watch day and we got the day off. After lineup we went into the kitchen to get our food for the trip, pasta salad and an apple. Gunilla is docked at a pontoon so the first thing we had to do was take the ferry to the port.

After that we got on a bus and most of us slept through the one and a half hour trip. After arriving we all scattered and took our time looking around the gardens that even had live music with brass instruments. We saw birds and plants in all colors imaginable. After looking through the gift shop we headed back and our watch got back to taking over the watch on the ship.

After dinner we had a visit from some local kids who got to eat on the Gunilla. They were all really nice and it was a fun experience for everyone. The kids were quite interested and it felt like we did something really nice by giving them something fun to do. (Despite the fact that we had to do double the normal amount of dishes.)

Olle Gren Babord


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