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Unordinary guests

Today I woke up by my friends who sang to us. It was an uncommon way to be woken up by on Gunilla, but I liked it. We woke up properly and they told us it was sunny yet not too hot.

I was looking forward to being post force. You pretty much stand still for four hours and do nothing, but I like taking it easy for a while. And also, I didn’t want to clean. I am tired of working, especially in the heat, but my opinion changed very quickly this morning. We saw two wales on the beginning of the watch. They were swimming only a few meters from the boat for 20 minutes. I cannot explain my excitement from seeing this. I saw something that I thought I would never see in my life! On this trip I’ve realized how huge the ocean is and the life in it. I feel so small compared to it, especially when you are constantly surrounded by it. When I saw the whales, I questioned why they would swim next to our boat, and not anywhere else? It was unbelievable. The looked so peaceful and majestic. Almost the whole crew and all of the other students stood on the starboard side and looked at them. Everybody found it so fascinating! Unfortunately, I had to go back to my post. It was the wrong day to be lifeguard. At least we got to see them for a little bit. It was so so cool.

At three o clock, which is “the holy hour” on boats, we had a snack. We ate buns with vanilla filling. The students really appreciate sweets on the ship, we need the energy and we don’t get them that often. I spoke to some of my friends in the other watch, and all that we`ve been talking about lately is how close it is until we get home! Specifically, what we want to eat and do in Sweden. They are counting down the days that are left on the white board near the kitchen. It’s less the one week left until we arrive back to Sweden! I know I will regret admitting this, but I miss the cold. When I can stay inside in the dark and do nothing. On the other hand, there are a lot a of presentations and assignments that have to be done.

I want to finish all the assignments before I get home and I’m really stressed about it. I want to spend time with my family and friends and not study.

After the watch I received some emails from my family. They were mainly about my little brothers’ birthday which was yesterday. He turned one year old and they celebrated it by eating cake, opening presents and just having a good time. I’m sad that I missed his first birthday. I wrote in my recent English blog that I’m relieved and glad that there will be more Christmases and such, you didn’t really miss anything, but there will be no more first birthdays. Luckily, my brother and dad will have a big birthday party together (my dad turned 50 in December) when I get home.

Then I began to study. We have really interesting and out of the ordinary assignments. I love that the trip and school are connected. The saying “learning by doing” is taken literally, you get more than just a vacation, you learn and experience so much! The whole world is our classroom, which is something invaluable. After that I ate, studied more until the other watch had to clean and then watched a documentary called Liberation day. Then I slept for an hour and woke up at 12 o clock for my watch. Portside (those who have watch before us) sang a funny song so it was a great start to the watch. The work force cleaned the entire watch, so it was nice that I didn’t have to. After the watch I took a shower and went to sleep.

November 3rd, 2019

Agnes Alveros


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