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Ups and downs

The 10th of November, a long and hard day, but a good day none the less.

A pleasant day started at midnight for us in midships. We took over the shift with a strong urge to go back to sleep and empty stomachs. We then learned that the boat had turned with the winds and we were now facing away from our destination: Palma de Mallorca. To turn the boat back around we had to put up all the sails, and so that was the moment when the rain started pouring, the winds grew stronger and the waves started to crash onto the boat. To top it all off, we had about half an hour of hail that left us drenched and cold. Luckily, we got some sandwiches and some hot chocolate to warm us up.

At four o´clock, the next watch took over and we had the chance to go back to sleep, and so we did. We slept for around seven hours and were then woken up to eat lunch in our new harbour for the next four days. The port itself wasn´t very interesting, it was about an hour from the city and looked quite boring. The only kind of fun part about it, was the fact that a bunch of apprentice truck-drivers were taking classes right outside the boat and had apparently found it extremely funny when one of my classmates fell and hurt herself. So, this is maybe not the best port yet.

For midships, the rest of the day was spent painting, oiling and cleaning the boat, leaving us tired beyond words. And meanwhile, the other two watches had free-time which they spent sleeping or shopping (lucky them). So, in summary, today has been a long day, too many things have happened and I am exhausted. I can´t wait to explore the rest of Mallorca, as I have heard that there is a candy shop that sells Swedish sweets. Just another day on Gunilla, time to go to sleep.

Over and out.

Astrid Cider


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