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Watch day in Suriname!

The day started almost as normal as usual. In addition to some of the crew members from portside and starboard hiking in the rainforest, we had a regular line- up at 8am. It was our first full day here in Paramaribo, Suriname and the free watches were going out to discover the city and nature.

We in the midship watch had a watch day and would therefore stay on the boat all day. Sara, who I share a cabin with, had been given the honorable job of inventorying the freezer, which she was very excited about. She is probably also the only one who genuinely wants to clean the freezer where things can lie all over the place. Valter and I joined her and we stood there for most of the day. In long work pants and thick sweaters, even though we are in a South American country with tropical 30 degrees and blazing sun. We found, among other things, two packages of ben & jerry that someone left behind, and which almost went out as well. The chefs were kind as usual and let us eat the ice cream. Just before 3 o'clock we were done and the chefshefs almost cried with happiness and gratitude. And in fact it wasn't even that hard to clean and reorganize the freezer. It was actually quite nice to stand in the cold and it was satisfying to see everything in its proper order again. The last hour we sanded and freshened the harnesses after the sea leg from Grenada and re-stowed the life suits. I went to bed early as I would be on night watch and get up early for the school visit the next
day. Of course, I would also have enough enough energy to discover the city!

Amanda Nilsson


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