Öckerö gymnasium

Watch in plymouth.

Today portside had the harbour shift. I was in the working force. But before we started we got eggs and bacon for breakfast because its sunday.  The firs thing we did was bring out the grill from under deck
because it was a beutiful day we grilled for dinner.

During the day we has lots of asignment to do. But when we had done everything we got tpo
take a dip in the water because it was so hot outside. But it was only about 15 degrees celsius in the water so we did not swim for a long time.

After our swim most of our friends came back to eat. We listened to music and after the food we got icecream, it was very nice. Afte dinner most of us had freetime. So I just hung out with some friends. At night I had nightwatch for two hours so the I guarded the ship, washed clothes and compressed garbedge. At night its was pretty cold outside so you need alot of clothes.

After the watch I was exhausted so I went straight to bed.

Danute, babord


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