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We are leaving

We have been in Lübeck for four days and today we are leaving the fine och cozy city. I woke up today at 7.45 and took some clothes on and went up on deck to have a setup, like everyday. The captain said some words and then we were done, I went to bed again because I was really tired.

Yesterday I was ship guard and woke up at 5am and sat until 8am and then we went to Neuemgamme. When we came home me and some friends went out to the city so when we came home I was very tired and had not received much sleep.

I woke up again at 11.45am and ate lunch. It was good weather so I went out and sat on the deck, it was nice. Later I studied English and History.

We had a bathstop, it was nice the sea was very still and shine. I didn’t jump in because my guard time started in 20 minutes and I needed to get ready. At my guard time we cleaned a bit but most of the time we was at the big mast and “tjärade” which is when you put something that looks like oil/fat on the raw. When we were done we needed to clean up everything that we spilled.

Now I am just going to chill and I look forward for waking up at 3.30am tomorrow.

Ida Rizvanovic


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