Öckerö gymnasium

We are sailing

Today’s morning-watch was very special, because we set almost all sails for, what I think, was the first time this trip.

It was very fun to actually sail for once since we’ve mostly been using the motor so far. I climbed a lot and watched the beautiful view from the top of the mast.

After the watch we ate some lunch and then had our usual classes. I read, but by mistake I fell asleep… And didn’t wake up until dinner. But that happens a lot here on the boat and sometimes you just need to sleep, despite what your teacher wants!

On the nights watch we continued sailing for a while, before cleaning the student’s hall. We also deep-cleaned the laundry room, which was a lot of fun, but at the same time kind of disgusting.

When we had our 15-minutes “fika”-break at 10 o’clock, our classmates came up and they all cried like someone had died. Turns out they were watching the notebook. I couldn’t help but laugh when they all came seeking hugs and closure because of the sadness they felt from their movie-night. So, we decided that we after the watch would watch the notebook to. I had never seen it before, so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

So, at 12 in the night, the watch gathered to watch the movie. After two hours, not a single tear had fallen from any of us. Though, I get why some people did cry, but come on! I guess us in Babord are just made of something else!

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