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Wednesday 24:th

Today we didn't do anything special, it's all the same here everyday and I think that's nice. We eat, we sleep, we work, we study and then repeat.

I like this pattern but sometimes it can get boring but then we always find a way to make it fun again. These last days have been really quiet becuase I think
everyone are tired and some people have the fever which can be really hard and annoying when you're on a boat with no family.

Today we faced a problem. The ac broke. We don't really know what happened but it isn't working and it's super hot inside Gunilla. Hasse and many others are trying to come up with different solutions and they actually managed to make it better using a piece of plastic. They took this piece and they put it like a sail above a hole leading into our dorm. The sail catches the wind and sends it down to our
rooms. This means we're gonna have to sleep with our doors open this night. Many students can't handle the heat and wants to sleep on deck but I think they're going to at least try to sleep in their own beds.

The tempature outside is a little bit better than inside because the wind makes it colder. This afternoon everyone were on the front of the boat hanging out and I think that's nice becuase we havn't been there in a while, everyone all at once.

We'll reach Surinam in a few days and I think everyone are looking forward to it. After some googling we found out there is a Mc'donalds in the city or village we're going to and there is also a big supermarket. I think we're gonna like it there.

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