Öckerö gymnasium

We leave Plymouth to day

I got woken up at 7am as always, but I fell asleap until 7:50 to go to the line up. We got a presentation of the day because it is the departure.

After the line up we went down to our cabins to go and get ready for the day. At 10am we went to a café and an english brunch ordered bruch. We ate scones and drank thé. They had internet at the café so we stayed there for a long time to dowload movies and music before our sailing.

When we were done with our downloading we went to a grocerystore to buy a lot of snaks to be prapared. I bought popcorn, chips, candy, soda and carrots.

I had to get back to Gunilla at two o’clock to guard the ship from stranger danger. It started raining while i guarded the ship as every pther day in Plymouth.

When I was done with my shift I cleaned and orginaised my closet and cabinet. Before I cleaned I had my whole closet in my bed so it was nice to clean up.

We left the port at around five o’clock and my shift starts at 12 and goes on ’til 4 so I can relax a few houers before I have to get up and get to work.

I thought that Plymouth is a grey city but the people were very nice and polite towards me. There was a lot of studies in Plymouth so it feels nice to have that done and I’m exited to leave for Cádiz.



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