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Whale-safari and eye-protection goggles

As we're heading towards colder weather and heavy sea the boat has somehow become a zoo with both blue whales and dolphins sighted near T/S Gunilla. All sorts of different birds are also landing onboard for a rest from their tiresome trips.

The day started of strong with the spotting of four blue whales close by. Since I was at the rodder it became my mission to steer closer to the whales, with some help from the captain of course. We've actually seen whales a couple of times on this trip but never this close, they`re very magnificent creatures.

Our main focus work-wise is to polish and coat all 272 blocks onboard T/S Gunilla with lacquer and get on with the final cleaning of various spaces around the ship.

We are facing bigger waves, colder weather and heavy sea after becoming used to sunny days and warm sea breezes on past travels. Because of the cold weather there are often more layers of clothes involved when being on watch, especially as a physical watch. Four to five layers of clothing are quickly becoming the usual. During the night watch, between 8 PM and 12 AM, eye-protection goggles were part of the look-out`s necessary gear since they had to stand at the front of the ship and report visible ships to the officer in command while the waves were crashing up against the rail.

Seeing a pack of dolphins jumping and playing alongside the rail has almost become part of daily life here and is incredibly cozy during the day. But at night when it`s pitch black outsider and you're suddenly faced with strange sounds coming from the water, well then it`s not as cozy, at least not until you've located where the sounds are coming from.

Ester, starboard watch


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