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Whales and Poop

It’s a new start of the week with a sunny Monday, whales, dolphins, and 8 out of 14 days left to the Azores. Oh did I mention whale poop? There was a lot of whale poop.

The 12-04 watch has begun and I’m on lifebuoy watch. Being on lifebuoy watch is as boring as always but someone has to do the David Hasselhoff and save lives if the unthinkable were to happen. 30 minutes has passed and it’s time to hit the bell and rotate to being the look-out.

Being a look-out however is better in my opinion because it’s much calmer and you get to enjoy the Atlantic view better with clear blue skies. When I arrive at the front, I do my traditional 360 horizon check to see if I can spot a ship but all of a sudden, someone points and shouts “Whaaales!”. I reach over board to see two huge whales only about four meters away from Gunilla’s port side. I’ve never seen whales that big up-close, it was magical. As the whales swam in our opposite direction, I could see one whale’s small back fin sticking out of the surface for a few seconds before sinking down again. After a few seconds, the shit storm began, quite literally. I don’t know if it was both whales, but at least one of them started to mass spray clouds of dark brown poop into the beautiful Atlantic ocean.

The whale poop started to spread a lot, far, far and wide covering a large area on our port side. It was absolutely magnificent. I noticed that the poop was fading in color from dark brown to dark red. It started getting me worried because it was either blood or that whale could’ve had lots of tuna for breakfast but that’s the problem, I don’t think whales eat tuna so… that’s bad. After all of that, it was time for the whales to vanish in to the deep seas leaving no traces behind. Just kidding, they left a lot behind.

Later on, we saw a couple of dolphins for a few minutes before they disappeared. But the dolphins didn’t amaze me nearly as much as the enormous amount of whale shit because that was a once in a life-time experience.

Mir Woshman, midskepps


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