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What a day!

Wow what a day. Finally, it happened and I am not talking about that I ate broccoli, I am talking about that we finally left Las Palmas

In the morning every single one was trembling of excitement. You could just look at whoever and everyone had a spark in their eyes. It was not only excitement there was also a hint of nervosity in those eyes that are finally going to sail the world.

For me personally it was fine in the beginning of the journey to El Hierro, but when we were on open sea that was when it started to go down hill for most. It was a question of who is going to puke first and which will continue the train. I was lucky to not puke and honestly without determination and tyrkisk peppar (Salt liquorish). I would not have been able to succeed to conquer my sea sickness if it was not for Tyrkisk peppar.

It was surprisingly few who got sea sick and I think we are all for that, just around 10 people I believe. The most beautiful thing was the stars, wow. I can not name you more than three starconstellation but dam it was magnificent. It was not a single cloud in the way and we just looked up in to the stars while Ture read a book to us. After that peaceful event was it back to business.

Liam Granstav


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