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What a normal day looks like for anyone sick on Gunilla.

I have been sick today. A lot of other people have become sick with the stomach bug. Since I’ve been sick I’ve been forced to quarantine myself in my cabin, so I’ve not had a lot to do. I became sick yesterday and have slept fourteen hours since then. Today I watched a lot of movies, listened to P3´s Creepypodd a lot, and read a bit from our social studies book. I’ve been served food for the first time in 20 hours, by choice of course. When I had the stomach bug I felt like if I had nothing in my stomach, there would be nothing to puke, and my theory was correct, I only puked three times in total!

We’ve had our weekly big meeting and student council today, none of which I attended. Our Captain Jan informed us that we will lie at anchor from Wednesday right past midnight to Thursday morning. That’s really good news, because that means we will have service! Service is like a gold mine, it means you can call your family, nearest and dearest, and feel a little less home-sick.

Being sick on Gunilla is not fun. You are only free from watch when you really need to, and when you have the stomach bug you can’t do anything but lay in your cabin and feel sorry for yourself. When you are healthy there is always something to do, and it’s the polar opposite when you’re sick.

Elvin Rundquist, Midskepps



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