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What we should get this boat!

What we should get this boat that I desperately need and want, honey. Its finished, again. I can´t drink my wonderful tea that I usually drink at every lesson,

I can´t have it in the yoghurt or the porridge to make it taste better with the lovely honey taste that the bees have done an excellent job at making as usual. I never thought that honey would mean so much to me until I got on to this boat but unfortunately, I have realised what value honey holds now and I will never take it for granted ever again. You have honey in everything on this boat and that it is finished already, only two days on the Atlantic, is awful, what am I going to have in all these things now? Sugar does not have that amazing taste that honey have, and you can’t have sugar in yoghurt, that doesn’t taste good, trust me I have tried and to not have anything in the yoghurt does not taste good either, I can´t explain it but it just does not taste as good as it does with honey in it. While I’m on the topic, don’t give us milk and yoghurt restrictions again, it was horrible, I could not eat my yoghurt or porridge or drink my amazing tea because both the honey and the milk was finished. So, what I’m trying to say is that when we get to Suriname please GIVE US HONEY, and not just 5 bottles like last time because that will not last us very long, give us more than that or the next blog I’m going to write is also going to be about how much I want honey and the next text will be more aggressive than this one.

Vilma E O




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