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Work and disco on deck

The day started as usual with the morning line up at 8.00am, but this would not be like any other days. Today we would have our closing dinner!

After the line up we (midships) went on watch and on today's schedule was to clean and inventory the big mess and do some finish cleaning on deck. Me, Ellen, Emma and Melke went down to the big mess to start our work day, I think we all were a little bit irritated to be below deck since today was supposed to be the hottest day yet here in Málága and apparently record warm for being the month of December. But we got to work, me and Ellen took on the starboard side and Emma and Melke took on the port side. We took out all of the boxes with food stacked under the benches and tables, took all of the food out of the boxes, counted them, wrote it down, cleaned out the box and cleaned out the place were the boxes soon would go back underneath the benches.

We continued working with a few breaks for coffee and lunch, but at 3.00pm we had to be finished since we had to clean before the party committee would taker over the big mess to prepare for the big dinner tonight.

We started cleaning and after a while me and Melke had to take over for the land guards since they both were on the party committee, but I was for sure not complaining since the weather outside was perfect with only sun and not a cloud in the sky. People that had been out in city all day soon started rolling in to start getting ready for the dinner and after the cleaning was done we got to go and change for the dinner as well.

At 6.00pm everyone was ready and standing in front of the door to the big mess, soon they started letting people in and we were all greeted with a beautifully decorated big mess. There were balloons on the ceiling, light loops and nicely set tables. The evening would offer a lot of music, beautiful speeches, good food and a lot of laughter.

After the dessert was served and quickly eaten up we were told to close our eyes, hold hands and start to head up on deck where a surprise was waiting. We all graciously climbed up the stairs, through the door and out on the dock. Soon we got to open our eyes and we were met with our commanders greeting us to “Club Gunilla”, we were let on and the music started playing and we all started dancing. The night went on and I’m pretty sure that the people on the other side of the street thought we looked pretty weird while jumping and dancing around on deck while playing loud music, but we had so much fun.

Sadly everything has to come to an end and the music was turned down, everyone started to help clean out the big mess and me and Melke took a cup of tea and went on our night watch.

A good end for a good day!

Julia Bernhed, Midships


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