Öckerö gymnasium

Work, work, work

Usually we are midskepps-glidskepps but today we were midskepps-sweatskepps.

Today we had our first watch while everyone else had their first day off. We were pretty jealous because almost the whole class were running around happy in nice clothes while we were in our ugliest clothes working our asses off. Yes, that is correct. On Gunilla we are the ugliest versions of ourselves and if you want a good laugh you are welcome on board. On top of that the weather was nearly perfect and we got really sweaty.

Since it was the first real watch-day we were introduced to several work tasks. Me and two others were in the kitchen ”byssan” and it was one of a kind group, for example we were peeling carrots and while I was peeling my first carrot Liv had already put the other carrots in the sallad. (classmate-Liv, on Gunilla there are two Liv’s. Classmate-Liv and chef-Liv.)

When we were watching the boat as ”fartygsvakter/landgångsvakter”, we learned us new words and what they mean. Things we will need during the sailing and maybe we get some extra points (or not). Just kidding you actually do not need extra points because the crew on board is great and they are really trying to learn us about everything.


The girl in pink pants

Erna, midships


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