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Wraps with azorian cow

Today the sun decided to stop hiding behind all the clouds.

So the sunnies has been on all day long. The wind has been coming from straight ahead, so we haven´t been able to sail. So it has not been a very exciting day today. The food though, has been really delicious. I had my everyday oatmeal for breakfast. It was a bit cold because our watch are the last one to eat breakfast. For toppings I used cinnamon and milk, as always, but today our watch leader introduced me to peanutbutter and I must say, it was an uppgrade.

It was ice cream for fika, which was perfect because of the wonderful weather. Backisarna, the students that work in the galley, told me that I couldn´t choose which flavour I wanted, but I talked them into giving me the chocolate flavoured ice cream, which was nice. My friend who was sitting beside me had also buttered up the bakisarna to give him one more cup of ice cream. Of course I tried to do the same and I succeded, of course. This time I got strawberry flawoured ice cream. For topping we used Hagelslag, which is a sort of sprinkle that dutch people use on their toast.

When it was time for dinner, my stomach was screaming. Wraps with meat from azorian cows was on the menu and I knew it was going to be good. In the wrap it was meat, of course, paprika, corn, cheese, chilli mayo, salsa, lettuce and pickled red onion. After we had eaten, we rated the wrap top three of all the meals whe had eaten on Gunilla this trip so far. When everybody on the boat had eaten dinner, we snuck up to the gally again and took one more wrap. Just because it was so, so delicous and I was still hungry.

Usually we eat night-fika for 15 minutes, but this night we had absolutely nothing to do. So we probably sat in the small mess for about 40 minutes. Bakisarna served nyponsoppa with warm toast. Which is one of the best things to eat at night-fika, right after pancakes and scones. Over all it has been a pretty wonderful day, with sun and unusually good
food :)

Agnes Björnberg


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